Good bye

Some people may ask, blog is well written, why not write it?

  • 这个类似于PICGO
  • 但是这个用的不是github api 用的是手动上传,但是提前把结果发出来了,typora回显正常,建议保存到onedrive
  • 需要把存图片的仓库放到本地 没有做异常抛出


  • PICgo是用tocken哇?


  • 我这GitHub的api严重冒红,不得不手动推送


I don’t think blogging is really necessary
Although I grew up reading blogs.
But there will always be setbacks on the road
Maybe this is what others call the spirit of not sharing
I have shared it, but I feel that I am doing nothing.
So I stopped writing
But if I develop the tool, I will still write the document
It can be viewed on the README of my project
Or ..
View usage documents on
So, goodbye to my bloggers!